Morning Star Charters of Key Largo is widely considered to be the best sailing and snorkel charter in the Upper Keys. We are unique in the fact that we are a large 50' sailing yacht, but will only take 6 guests at a time. We are very different from the 40-50 passenger cattle boats or the smaller 6 pack boats that tend to be crowded with just 6 persons aboard.  We are private,,,,peaceful,,,,no crowds,,,,exotic,,,,the way it's supposed to be!

Why choose Morning Star?
Here are some reasons!
Morning Star is ALWAYS captained by her owner, NOT a paid captain and crew. It's our business and we care about the comfort and enjoyment of our customers.
We will use the BEST REEFS for the conditions of the day. We strive to prevent seasickness, avoiding rough reefs on certain days.
Sailing, Snorkeling
    Morning Star 
Sail, Snorkel Charters of Key Largo

Key Largo, snorkeling, sailing
Florida Keys,sailing, snorkeling
Key Largo, Florida Keys, Morning Star Charters
Capt. Rick with his pet Moray on Molasses Reef
Morning Star Charters Key Largo, Florida Keys
Elkhorne coral on Pickles Reef
Key Largo, snorkeling on Morning Star Charters
A message from the Captain:
There are many choices in the Key Largo area for snorkeling but few for sailing and snorkeling. We differ greatly from the rest since we are owner-operators of a large sailing yacht that only carries up to six persons, not 49 people jammed elbow to elbow!  We offer the opportunity for you to enjoy the beautiful waters of Key Largo in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We use the best reefs for the conditions of the day avoiding rough reefs on certain days. We keep Morning Star as comfortable as possible. We haven't forgotten that it's supposed to be fun and a rough reef resulting in seasickness is not much fun! We are honest about weather--sea conditions. We want you to enjoy your day aboard Morning Star.
A word about snorkeling
As advertised by other snorkel companies,Yes,, snorkeling is fun and easy, but I'm here to tell you that it's not for everyone!!
If you've never snorkeled before you should know that it takes some     energy. We will make every effort to help you with technique, BUT WE CAN'T DO IT FOR YOU! 
You should be in decent enough shape to board the vessel when you're finished snorkeling.